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The OFFICIAL SITE of Sovereign Love Free Church

Welcome to our Faithful Assembly and the Official site of SLFC. We are surrendered sons of the I AM given to following His Divine Will. Therefore we have entered Covenant with I AM and one another to accomplish His works here on Earth. We, His surrendered bondsmen, represent the legacy for which we are called as His sons and daughters. We come together under God’s Natural Law to live our lives before Him with great joy and love. We forever praise our Lord and King YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH.

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Coming soon to the earth in obedience to the scriptures. SEE DigniChat Tab above!!!

Hidalgo, Eugene Richard, Pastor
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Public Disclosure To Other Governments

This Assembly should NOT be construed as a 501(c)3 entity and/or registered under the Laws of the United States territorial jurisdiction or any of its ‘political subdivisions’ including the entity known as “the State of South Dakota” and should NOT be presumed as a Private Association of any kind. Sovereign Love Free Church will remain an  unregistered Assembly operating privately under the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, a creation of the Yahusha (King Jesus the Settlor). This Assembly exercises its inherent Rights and as American Sovereigns accepts and receives the protections of the 1st - 10th  original amendments [Bill of Rights] circa 1791 of the Constitution of the United States of America.


The Assembly accepts and self-determines that ‘We the People’ of such Assembly are self-governing under the law of the Settlor of this Assembly.


BE ADVISED and visit our PUBLIC NOTICE SECTION for a fuller understanding of the status of the Assembly and its Assemblors.

Meet the Board Of Trustees

Hidalgo, Eugene Richard

Office of Pastor (SLFC)

General Manager TWA

General Manager TROS

Buehler, Timothy Allen
Board of Ministers (SLFC)
Nebelsick, Richard Arthur
Board of Ministers (SLFC)
Auch, Douglas
Board of Ministers (SLFC)
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