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A “user” under this agreement is construed as one who visits this website, gains knowledge of this website, or the information herein. Anyone may use the site for an increase in understanding of the ways of the House of De Hijo. However, no one can use this site to form any legal opinion about any matter which may appear within this website.

The opinions on this site are the true and correct to the House of De Hijo. If you object to any information found herein you may exit immediately and go on your own way. If you find a connection with the information herein, we at the House of De Hijo welcome you to be a constant “user” and grant you permission to disseminate our information to all like-minded individuals AS LONG AS THE INFORMATION IS NOT CHANGED OR EDITED IN ANY WAY.

All “use” is governed under the Civil Authority whom by ratifying the Constitution of the United States with the Bill of Rights (circa 1791) created a Republican Form of Government. No Court under the Constitution of the United States has jurisdiction over a matter of the People who over-stand the Constitution.

“If conflict arises out of the information on this site it shall be handled by the Civil Authority outside of Constitutionally mandated courts by calling upon the Sheriff to find (12) twelve suitable jurors competent in the law and the facts of the Civil Authority. If none, or not enough, can be found the offended will agree to have the matter mitigated by a competent Sheriff. For no reason, EVER, may an attorney be involved. An Attorney is a third party and an instrumentality of the United States pledged to the United States to their interest and benefit which is contrary and repugnant to justice for a citizen of the Sovereign People of the United States of America without the United States.” (Quoted from Privacy Policy)

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